"The downtown is the only part of the city that belongs to everybody. It doesn’t matter where you may find your home; the downtown is yours, too. Investing in the downtown of a city is the only place-based way to benefit all of its citizens at once.

And there’s more. Every relocation decision, be it a college graduate’s or a corporation’s, is made with an image of place in mind. That image is palpable and it is powerful. It is resolutely physical: a picture of buildings, streets, squares, cafes, and the social life that those places engender. Whether good or bad, that image is hard to shake. And with rare exception, that image is downtown."
Quoted from: "Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time" – Jeff Speck

Winona Main Street's Mission:
Guided by the Main Street 4-Point Approach the Winona Main Street Program is committed to Historic Downtown Winona being the heart of our community and region, a vibrant hub of commerce, arts and culture,  recreation, and residential life.

Winona Main Street's Vision:
To create a downtown where people want to be.

Contact: Main Street Coordinator