Get more from your Chamber Membership
Business professionals get the most “bang for their buck” with memberships to business organizations when they:
  • Know why they are joining
  • Know what specific benefits interest them the most
  • Have a specific minimum goal to take advantage of those benefits

Meeting with a staff person or key volunteer from the Winona Area Chamber to explore the many benefits of chamber membership and to identify the key benefits that you want to take advantage of is an important first step. Contact the chamber at 507.452.2272 or email to


When Your Business is a Member - Everyone Benefits

Membership doesn’t just benefit you - it benefits your employees and the community by providing your business and employees with opportunities that create a thriving local economy.


  • Gives you and your employees access to training & professional development.
  • Provides you and your employees with networking events that can lead to key partnerships and increased sales
  • Offers advocacy to ensure business and employee-friendly policies help build a more vibrant community.