Winona Area Chamber of Commerce 2018 Committee Plan

Name: Public Policy Committee

Committee Chair: Linda Seppanen

Committee Purpose Statement: To analyze business issues, gather relevant facts, disseminate information to Chamber membership, and forward recommendations to the Chamber Board of Directors.

Committee Projects/Activities for 2018:

· Engage Chamber members in public policy issues and education of legislative activity (use Eggs ‘n Issues, Power Lunch, forums, small meetings with elected officials and administrative officials, and use the chamber newsletter, etc.)

· Provide Chamber members a platform to be heard by local, state and federal lawmakers regarding matters that are of interest/concern to the members.

· Research and make recommendations to the Chamber Board regarding legislative issues at all levels of Government as relates to business, such as transportation, regulations, taxation, and related concerns.

· Actively advocate for legislative issues as adopted by the Board – engaging elected officials with phone, email, letters and personal visits by members of this committee.

· Participate at Sessions Priority Dinner (February 20, 2018) MN Business Day at the Capitol (April 18, 2018) and bi-weekly Legislative Updates with MN Chamber Policy Staff during the 2018 Session.

· Actively advocate for the priority policy issues adopted by the Winona Area Chamber of Commerce Board as part of the MN Chamber Federation.

· At least annually, provide a summary of Public Policy Committee activities to the Board.

· During the 2018 election cycle provide for a Candidate Training School.

· Explore how best to maintain relationships with non-governmental community groups to advance the Chamber’s public policy goals. (Example – Destination Medical, Journey to Growth)

Budget Considerations:

Secure 2018 Advocacy Sponsors to build needed resources to effectively impact legislative priorities and utilize the advocacy role of this committee to enhance membership retention efforts for 2018. (Examples – coach bus to Business Day at Capitol, cost of mailings for Eggs ‘n Issues, meals for guest speakers at Eggs ‘n Issues)