Winona Area Chamber of Commerce 2018 Committee Plan

Committee Name: Winona Main Street Steering Committee—9 members appointed

Committee Chair: Heidi Evenson

Lead Staff: Emily Kurash

Winona Main Street Mission Statement: Guided by the Main Street Four Point Approach the Winona Main Street Program is committed to Historic Downtown Winona being the heart of our community and region, a vibrant hub of commerce, arts and culture, recreation and residential life.

Winona Main Street Vision Statement: To create a downtown where people want to be.

Committee Purpose Statement: The Main Street Steering Committee assures the implementation and monitors the progress of the annual Winona Main Street Plan. The Steering Committee works alongside Chamber staff to implement priorities and takes primary responsibility for program fundraising. To achieve the goals for revitalizing downtown Winona, the Steering committee and subcommittees work to create a strong downtown district through heightened community awareness, promotion of activities, preserving local heritage, and pooling local resources. The Steering Committee supports the work of Main Street being done by volunteering time within the Main Street Subcommittees.

Steering Committee Goals: 2016-2020

  • Winona Main Street supports development in our historic downtown district. Goal is to exceed $40 million in private and public investment in our downtown district by 2020. We fully support the Opportunity Winona effort and offer all available resources to aid in large scale development projects as needed.
  • Winona Main Street supports appropriate and quality development of diverse downtown housing and hotel options.
  • Winona Main Street supported the City of Winona in their development of a cohesive zoning ordinance with thoughtful design standards to retain our history and promote our downtown district as a unique regional destination. (COMPLETE)
  • Winona Main Street supports business growth in our downtown. Our goal is to provide support to a minimum of 20 new, expanded or relocated downtown businesses by 2020.
  • Winona Main Street identifies downtown Winona as a destination for residents and tourists. We will continue to support downtown events that draw visitors to the area annually and we will exceed 15,000 visitors to downtown with Main Street organized events.
  • Winona Main Street supports investment in the arts including a formation of an arts district. This includes examples like the City’s commitment to maintaining historic art structures like the Masonic Temple to move it toward the purpose of hosting performance arts for the community.

2018 Budget Considerations:  Utilize the scheduled events, programs and emphasis growth of the Friends of Main Street to meet the 2018 budget as set by the Winona Chamber Board of Directors



Additional 2018 Committee Goals:

  • Grow the Friends of Main Street Roster. By implementing a push for Friends in the beginning of the year (January) and halfway through the year (July) we can increase numbers and committed partners, sponsors and volunteers
  • Complete a database update to have accurate record of current Main Street Volunteers and their roles. This will be led by staff with Steering Committee oversight.
  • Complete work on website with full list of Friends, Events, and Resource Documents for Downtown Businesses (with help from City Staff)
  • Create a complete listing of downtown business spaces, business owners, buildings, and building owners.


Sub Committee Goals and Projects 2018

  • Task forces (Event/Project Implementation):
    • Touch A Truck (January-May)
    • Sweet Stroll (April-July)
    • Big Muddy BBQ (January-September)
    • Holiday Events (August-December)
    • BRRR Crawl Pub Hop (August-December)
    • Friends of Main Street Social (January-Staff)
  • Retail (Ongoing)
    • Focus on general promotion, not events-centric committee
    • Includes traditional retail, media partners and consumer-based businesses
    • Grow relationships between blocks/neighbors to encourage promotion and events, and clean-up efforts
  • Downtown Development (Ongoing)
    • Fire property Clean-up
    • Create and publicize document (with City Staff/Planning Commission) with complete information on design standards
    • Property investment/improvement through Tech Assistance Funds
    • 60 Main Street (Continue Support)
    • Business Resources (for building owners, business owners, tenants)
    • Branding of downtown
    • Support in planning the 2018 Upper Mississippi Main Street Conference
  • Beautification
    • Keep up with general aesthetic needs: garbage clean up, pulling weeds, healthy plants and flowers, updated facades, etc.
    • Publicize and promote clean-up document information: inform buildings and businesses of responsibilities
    • Support city staff in more general clean up efforts in public spaces
    • Keep records of clean-up instances/issues to inform city staff for greater planning and preparation for 2019 Streetscape Efforts