Winona Area Chamber of Commerce
2019 Young Professionals Program Plan


Program Name: Young Professional Network

Program Planning Task Force: Michelle Hermann, Lynae Hahn, Jenna Lubinski, Missy Nadeau, Alex Struckmann, Allison Happel, and Samantha Strand

Staff Assigned: Amanda Grossell

Program Purpose StatementThe Young Professional Network is a personal and professional development program of the Winona Area Chamber of Commerce that provides opportunities for young leaders to interact socially and to engage in the community.

Objectives of the YP Program:

  • Improve the networking skills and expand the contact base of area YPs
  • Connect area YPs with likeminded/ similarly aged professionals in the area through social and volunteer opportunities at area events/businesses, also through age specific professional development programs.
  • Retain YPs in the Winona area by improving their quality of life

Opportunities for YPs:

  • There won’t be a “schedule” of outings for the year; examples listed below will be sent out to those interested in attending as the event/opportunity date approaches.
    • Social outings will be built around existing events:
      • The Brrr Crawl, Sweet Stroll, Live @ the Levee, Mississippi Sippin’, Taproom Trivia, Wine on a Wednesday, Second Saturdays, Window Walk, etc.
    • Volunteer opportunities will be organized around Chamber events and needs:
      • The Holiday Market, Family Night on the Farm, Big Muddy Brew ‘n Que, Touch-a-Truck, etc.
    • Professional development programs that will best benefit a large group will be arranged throughout the year and may have a cost associated with them depending on the event:
      • Etiquette Luncheon, Miller Mentoring, 1 Million Cups, Economic Development, etc.


YP Program Key Objectives:

  • Grow the total number of area YPs and the YP communications list (e-mails)
  • Offer a variety of opportunities on a variety of days/times to be inclusive of everyone and their schedules
  • Communicate via e-mail/social media/text message the upcoming dates/times for programs and socializing opportunities to area YPs interested in receiving communications
  • Encourage Member Bundles to use YP dollars
  • Offer majority no cost opportunities, with a few low cost opportunities throughout the year