Winona County Small Business Relief Grants

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Indemnification and Privacy Notice

Your small business, which has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, would like to apply for financial assistance from the Winona County Small Business Relief Fund. It’s expected given the widespread and serious financial impacts to businesses caused by the pandemic that requests for assistance will exceed the funds made available for this program by the County. This means some applications will be funded and some will unfortunately either not qualify for funding or may qualify, but may result in your business receiving no funding or less funding than you requested due to the funding limits for this program. Winona County and the Winona Area Chamber of Commerce (“WACC”) are committed to using objective criteria to confirm the impact of the pandemic on your business and verify that your business qualifies for relief so that all qualified applicants have an equal chance to receive funding. By submitting an application to receive financial assistance from this program, you agree to waive any and all claims against Winona County, WACC, their employees and elected officials and authorized agents asserting that funding decisions using these objective criteria were discriminatory and resulted in your business receiving no assistance or less assistance than your business requested.

Data Privacy Notice: Per MN Statutes 13.591, Subdivision 1, certain data provided in this Application is private or non-public data; this includes financial information about the business, including credit reports, financial statements, net worth calculations, business plans; income and expense projections; balance sheets; customer lists; income tax returns; and design, market, and feasibility studies not paid for with public funds. Per MN Statutes 116J.401, Subd. 3., certain data provided in this application is private data; this includes data collected on individuals pursuant to the operation of business finance programs.



Winona County Small Business Relief Fund Guidelines

By checking this box, and entering my name, I agree to follow the Winona County Small Business Relief Fund Guidelines. (Exhibit A)
By applying, I agree to supply additional information as requested by WACC and Winona County demonstrating the expenses awarded CARES grant dollars were used for.
2. Is this business “in good standing” with required business registrations with the Minnesota Office of the Secretary of State (OSS) as of March 13, 2020?
3. Is your business “in good standing,” with no tax liens against your business with OSS as of March 13, 2020?

NOTE: For Questions 2 & 3, “in good standing” means that: (1) Your business is current and active with any required business registrations with the Minnesota Office of Secretary of State (OSS). Some business structures, such as sole proprietorships, do not need to be registered with OSS. In these cases, your business is considered to be "in good standing". You may look up your status here:; and (2) Your business does not have any Minnesota tax liens against it with OSS. You may look up tax liens here:

4. Is your business current as to property taxes, as of July 15, 2020?
5. Has your business been awarded and received financial assistance from a government COVID-19/CARES Act loan or grant program(s)?
7.  Business Information. 
8.  Primary contact.  Please list a business owner who owns at least 20% of the business as a primary contact. 
9. Are there any owners who own 20% or more of this business AND who own 20% or more of other Winona County-based businesses which may apply for this grant?
10.  Other Business Information.  
11. Business Legal Structure
12. Industry
14. Is this business permanently closed as of this application date?
By signing below, I hereby certify each of the above representations:

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