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2024 Benchmark Compensation Survey


In partnership with the Eau Claire Chamber of Commerce and MRA, we are excited to offer an expanded survey to our members. After paying for your participation in the survey, you will be sent a link directly from MRA to complete the survey. Survey results will be released in mid-March.

The 2024 Industrial & Production Trades Survey has over 220 jobs unique to the manufacturing, industrial, and production industry.

  • Questionnaire Available: March 5

  • Survey Deadline: April 12

  • Data Effective: March 1st, 2024

  • Report Published: July

  • Full report valued at $1,199

The cost of the survey is $195 to participate and receive the results. If you participated in the first survey, then you can receive discounted pricing on this second survey.



Compensation Trends (June)


Third Survey cost $100 ($195 for the first, $150 for the second, $100 for the third).

(It is not required to participate in more than one survey.)

If you are an MRA member, please get in touch with your MRA representative and complete the survey through them. 

For more information or if you have any questions, contact Christie Ransom at

Participate in the Survey

We are interested in the upcoming survey

Thanks for participating!

Once payment is complete, you will be sent a link directly from MRA to complete the survey.

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