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Synergy Academy

A workforce initiative of the Winona Area Chamber of Commerce.

REACH into Synergy

Formerly the REACH program, Synergy Academy is a continued evolution of the Winona Area Chamber of Commerce's workforce program in conjunction with Minnesota State College Southeast (MSCS). 


Synergy Academy is a career academy pathway program designed to teach local high school students from all types of schools transferrable skills and begin career and college pathways in desirable fields. This program not only prepares students, but provides an employment ready, skilled workforce for major industry sectors.

An academy structure is utilized to ensure a fully rounded education and provide students with a credentialed certificate in their desired field within one year!

Schools for Synergy
Synergy Academy

Synergistic leverage

“when two things have a complementary relationship and unleash a force that’s greater than either thing by itself by directing a special force or attention to something small in order to transform it into something huge and amazing”

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Program Areas

Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) Technologies
CNC Machine Tool
Electronics Technology
Health and Human Services
General Education Bundle
Construction Technology

The program is conducted at MSCS, where students receive their education and hands on experience with the access to cutting edge equipment onsite.

Through our strategic partnership with MSCS, SYNERGY ACADEMY offers:

  • access to the area’s most CURRENT technologies and infrastructures

  • frequent OPPORTUNITIES to see and learn onsite at businesses

  • ​our work-readiness POWER SKILLS CERTIFICATION (great for resumes!)

How do I enroll?

If getting a jump start on your career inside businesses, receiving dual credit opportunities through MSCS, and getting our resume-worthy Power Skills Certification sounds like a good deal, you’re absolutely right!

Contact Emma Ebbinger to bring Synergy in your life by calling 507.452.2272.

Synergy Academy
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