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Below is a form to fill out to nominate your business or a business you deem worthy of the awards listed.  If you need assistance with your application, please let Amanda know by emailing her here (or by calling 507.452.2272)

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Small Business of the Year will be awarded to the business that has stood out for their exceptional business practices and community involvement.  This award is intended for an independently owned and operated (not a subsidiary, division or branch of a larger firm) business with less than 50 employees. This business should have been in business for at least three years and show excellence in the following areas:

  • Customer/Client service

  • Training and innovation

  • Community & professional outreach

  • Leadership & commitment

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Business of the Year will be awarded to the business that has demonstrated excellence in the areas of economic development, quality workplace, environmental stewardship, community engagement, and continued business success.  Applicants please:


  • Provide details and specifics regarding reinvesting in your property, facilities, equipment, etc.

  • Provide details and statistics regarding job creation, training programs, & creative ways that you are attracting/retaining employees 

  • Tell us what are your company business philosophies? What are the keys to your business success and growth?

  • Cite examples of how your company is being a good steward, such as energy saving investments, recycling, and waste reduction.

  • Tell us how your business supporting and enhancing the Winona community? What policies are in place to encourage and allow your employees and customers to be involved in the Winona area?

  • Please share with us examples of awards and honors received by your business from the past 5 years. List both the name of the award and the sponsoring organization.



The Innovation Award will be awarded to a business that can demonstrate innovation in the way they do business, the way they work with people, or in product/service development.  The pandemic has brought new challenges, new opportunities, and new ways of working for all of us.  We are looking to find the most innovative ways businesses have adapted.


Whether through new ways of working, finding innovative ways to service the rapidly changing needs of customers, developing new products and services, or new recruitment/retaining methods for your employees.

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Submit relevant PDF documents below.  Please name them with the business they are for and be mindful of the size.

Need to send bigger documents?  Email Amanda here!

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