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2022 Elections

City Council, County Board of Commissioners, and School Board were sent a questionnaire for their respective races. The responses returned to the Chamber can be viewed by clicking the candidate's button below. 

County Board
School Board
City Council
State Legislature

We will be hosting two Candidate Forum Eggs 'n Issues with candidates from some of the races. They will be held on the second and fourth Fridays of October, location to be announced. To register for the Eggs 'n Issues Candidate Forums, click below, or visit the Calendar for more information. 

The doors will open at 7:30am and the forums will start promptly at 8:00am.

Friday, October 14 | 8-9:30am | County Board & Sheriff
Friday, October 28 | 8-9:30am | City Council & State Legislature

Full list of 2022 races and candidates

Winona County Races

Winona County Sheriff

 - Ron Ganrude

 - Charles Rolbiecki

County Attorney 

 - Karin Sonneman

County Recorder

 - Bob Bamenek

County Auditor/Treasurer

 - Chelsi Wilbright

 - John Eger

County Commissioner District 1

 - Chris Meyer

 - Ken Fritz

County Commissioner District 2

 - Dwayne Voegeli

 - Jerry Obieglo

County Commissioner District 5

 - Marcia Ward

 - Bob Redig

City Races

City Council 2nd Ward

 - Jeff Hyma


City Council 4th Ward

 - George Borzyskowki

 - Amber Buysman

City Council at Large

 - Michelle Alexander

 - Jerome Christenson

State Races

Congressional District 1

 - Brad Finstad

 - Jeff Ettinger

State House of Representatives Seat 20B

 - Steven Jacob

 - Elise Diesslin

State House of Representatives Seat 26A

 - Gene Pelowski, Jr.

 - Stephen Doerr

State Senate District 20

 - Steve Drazkowski

 - Bradley Brenckhahn

State Senate District 26

 - Jeremy Miller

 - Daniel Wilson

 - Eric Leitzen

School Board Races

At Large

 - Nancy Denzer

 - Karl Sonneman

 - Maurella Cunningham

 - Torry Moore (no longer seeking election)

1st District

 - Ted Hazelton

 - Pete Watkins

2nd District

 - Michael Hanratty


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